ecoOpera Systems Inc.


ecoOpera Systems Inc. is an engineering software company supporting operation and maintenance optimization practices for buildings and industrial processes. 



EcoDAS is data acquisition and storage system that allows for unlimited collection and archiving of energy and operational trend data. A local data acquisition server is installed and connected to your building network and stores data in a cloud database. Data can be observed and browsed in graphical or table form, and can be exported for desired time-periods and in a variety of file formats. Data cleaning procedures are provided that filter errors and interpolate gaps in data to save you time in your analysis. Adjust data using a library of calibration formula, or specify your own.

Features include:

  • Secure data acquisition and cloud-based storage

  • Data trend viewing as trend-logs or tables

  • Automatic cleaning of data collection errors

  • Interpolation of missing data for continual trends

  • Data export via multiple file formats



EcoTrack is a building and building portfolio energy performance-monitoring and Measurement and Verification (M&V) tool. Track energy consumption, demand, emissions and cost for your building or portfolio via utility bills or energy meter data. Compare facility consumption with regional and national benchmarks, and against normalized historical consumption to calculate energy and cost savings, comparing current performance with past performance. Automatically generate historical benchmarks through a built-in statistical analysis engine based on any time period of your choosing. Cost savings are calculated to verify the return on investment of your energy management or retrofit program. Compare buildings within a portfolio to identify high and low performing buildings.

Features include:

  • Comparison of energy use to key variables such as outside air temperature and occupancy schedules

  • Statistical analysis for historical benchmark model creation, used to track performance and measure energy, cost and emissions savings

  • Energy use metrics – peak demand, peak daily energy use, average daily consumption unoccupied consumption, energy-use intensity

  • Utility cost breakdown based on smart-meter data including demand, taxes and emissions charges

  • Utility bill verification based on logged utility bill data

  • Energy-use graphics – daily, weekly and monthly profiles, trend logs, cusum and control charts

  • Comparison of energy use trends and graphics to past periods

  • Remote weather data access for reliable outside-air temperature and weather data from government weather stations

  • Comparison of building performance (energy-use-intensity) to regional and national benchmarks

  • Projection of annual performance from short-term energy-use data – no need to wait a full year before verifying building and portfolio performance

  • Report generation and export to produce snapshots of performance for any period of time



EcoOptimizer is a revolutionary performance monitoring tool for assessing and optimizing the performance of mechanical systems. Through full Building Automation System (BAS) integration and data acquisition, EcoOptimize calculates a host of performance metrics that makes understanding and troubleshooting facility operation completely transparent. Utilize the high volume of existing BAS data to minimize implementation costs. Browse through a full inventory of building systems, equipment and zones to proactively identify and resolve issues with building operation. Monitor central heating and cooling plant efficiencies and compare equipment energy consumption, loads, run costs, run-times and operational characteristics. Set tolerances limits for performance metrics to trigger automatic system fault reporting.

Features include:

  • Full collection and storage of all key Building Automation System data

  • Complete inventory of building systems, equipment and thermal zones with detailed information, rated parameters, operational characteristics, and performance metrics

  • Automatic fault detection based on user-specified tolerances on performance metrics

  • Statistical analysis for historical benchmark model creation of any desired parameter

  • Full mechanical system energy and demand breakdown, down to the equipment level, as well as equipment and system run-costs

  • Automatic trend log report creation as well as user-defined trend reports

  • Graphical data representations of any parameter as well as comparisons between any parameter



EcoKiosk is a comprehensive informational and marketing tool that highlights building sustainability and energy efficiency features, as well as displaying building performance information in fun and interesting ways that make it accessible to everyone. Showcase your building achievements through stimulating digital content. Provide feedback to occupants on building performance, and provide tips on energy conservation and sustainability practices.

Features include:

  • Green Building rating system scorecards with a breakdown of points and credits scored – BOMA and LEED

  • High definition images of energy efficiency and sustainability features

  • Additional digital content including audio and video related to facility and organizational sustainability goals and achievements

  • Energy conservation and sustainability tips and quizzes

  • Public notices regarding building performance and operation

  • Real-time building energy and emissions data with a variety of graphical presentations and comparisons